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When a brainy half seal, half sea-lion is stranded on a desert island with his jock dad, rap music becomes his solo ticket home, where he returns to overthrow the evil monarch that banished his family.

Big Joe, Lil, and Sammy


On Manta Island lives SAMMY. That genius level kid in class who talks a mile-a-minute and can’t make a friend to save his life.

Mom Lil


Even worse for him, his mom (LIL) is the only seal in an all sea-lion colony that hates outsiders, especially little seals with spots that can only waddle on their bellies.

Dad Big Joe


Sammy’s cool-jock dad (BIG JOE) is the star of Seal Team 5, that guards the colony by intercepting sharks during the fishing runs.

Best Friend Dutch




Big Joe leads Seal Team 5 with his best friend (DUTCH), who is the heir to the bruising king (BULL). When Big Joe floats the idea of voting to Dutch, Bull decides Big Joe’s family must be eliminated.

Lil, Sammy, Sharks

Dutch lures the family into the shark infested Forbidden Current, where Big Joe has to choose between saving Lil or Sammy, who can’t swim straight because of his half-flipper. The father/son odd couple are cast away down current to a desert island.

Bull Dutch Ego Ruling Family

Sample Music

Market Comparisons

Finding Dory
Navy Seals

Intended Audience

SEAL TEAM SIX is a hard to resist adventure with global potential, sharing similarities with top grossing animated films. FROZEN featured great songs that were inseparable from its success and that the audience loved. SEAL TEAM SIX is groundbreaking as a musical, featuring family friendly rap songs with disco beats that will get parents and kids to tap their feet.

Seas Singing

COCO and MOANA were great advances showing worlds of different cultures could be box office heavyweights. SEAL TEAM SIX goes even further by depicting a biracial hero, who fights for acceptance in a society that doesn’t want him.
Sammy Army Helmet

Like FINDING NEMO and FINDING DORY, our story features a fantastic waterworld that’s even more of a challenge for our air-breathing sea-lion society. Also, instead of different species playing the villain, the main antagonists are sea-lions themselves, which echoes our human world. Our epic tail isn’t just for kids and their parents. The themes of exclusion and power-to-the-people with jokes that draw on the jock world of TOP GUN makes this story for everyone.
Seal Team 5

Social Relevance

The topic of exclusion based on race/origin for the hero is an obvious theme our story addresses, but our story goes much deeper. Many times animated movies have characters in the animal world, but are just used to differentiate characters. SEAL TEAM SIX uses its characters to establish a bigger connection and appreciation with nature. The issue of global warming actually plays a role in the plot of the story when Sammy has to move the colony to save it from the disappearing fish. Sammy even shows us that all life has value when he and Zoe rescue a pod of killer whales that have been netted. Also, embedded in the story are actual stats about sea life so adults and kids can walk out of the movie a little smarter. This all ties together with super smart Sammy’s arc, accepting that he can’t learn without humility. The universal theme of parent/child friction between the jock dad who likes Doo Wop and the nerdy son who prefers rap will resonate with all. Combining lovable characters in an epic story with comedy and rap makes this project ready to carve its place amongst animated giants.
Sammy on Shark Back

Projected Cast

Big Joe

Mahershala Ali

Idris Elba


Octavia Spencer

Rose Byrne


Rosie Perez

Tiffany Haddish


Liam Neeson

Sam Elliot


Alec Baldwin

Matthew Mcconaughey


Jaeden Martell

Brady Noon


Caleb McLaughlin

Marcel Ruiz


Bindi Irwin

Hailee Steinfeld

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